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New Study Reveals Changing Face of America

Almost from its inception, the immigrants who helped to build the United States have hailed from nearly every corner of the globe. The first wave of immigrants mostly came from Northern and Western Europe; later, they traveled here from Southern and Eastern Europe. In recent years, Latin America has sent the most immigrants to our [...]

MLF Attorney Warmly Remembers Friend Who Made Her American Dream Possible

At the Murthy Law Firm (MLF), supporting the American dreams of our clients is not only a goal, it is our passion. Since its inception, our nation has been molded by talented, hardworking immigrants who come here to build a better life for themselves and their families; we are honored to help current and future [...]

Our Hearts Go Out to Nepal

We in the United States woke this morning to news that Nepal has suffered another earthquake – an aftershock of the April 25, 2015 quake, the magnitude of which was unimaginable. Death tolls continue to rise, but recently have exceeded 8,000. In Kathmandu, temples that survived for centuries are now lost forever. An avalanche triggered [...]

Congratulations to Dr. K.V. Rao!

This week the Murthy Law Firm celebrates its 21st anniversary. Readers who were around in those early days of our firm – which were the early days of the internet – may recall when Dr. K.V. Rao published a monthly immigration digest, with articles from Sheela Murthy. Many years have passed, and Dr. Rao and [...]

New Exhibit at Ellis Island Explores the Past, Present, and Future of the Immigrant Experience

Since the birth of our nation, hopeful, hardworking, and talented immigrants have come to America in search of a better life and the chance to achieve success and prosperity. The freedom to dream big, and to make those dreams a reality, is what sets us apart from all other nations, and is what drives generation [...]

NativeAmericans Hope to Revitalize Reservation with EB5 Immigrant Investor Funds

Throughout the immigrant community, achieving the so-called American dream remains the ultimate goal of many immigrants who long to live and work in the United States. From its very inception, our nation has been molded by countless generations of talented immigrants who came here to build a better life and achieve success and prosperity through [...]

IndianAmerican Teenager Honored with 2015 Immigrant Youth Achievement Award

The American Immigration Council (AIC) has selected the recipient of the 20th annual Immigrant Youth Achievement Award, and his inspiring efforts to improve his local community make him a very deserving honoree. At an awards ceremony held on April 16, 2015, the AIC, a nonprofit based in Washington D.C. that is committed to honoring immigrant history [...]

Highly Skilled Immigrants Boost our Economy, but Strict H1B Cap Holds Them (and Us) Back

As the United States continues to make strides in its post-recession economic recovery, much emphasis has been placed on industries based in STEM areas; that is science, technology, engineering, and math. In an increasingly global and hyper-competitive economy, STEM based fields extend far beyond the established tech world of Silicon Valley. Across the nation, nearly [...]

Report Shows Disproportionate L1B Denial Rate for Indian Nationals

In the United States, immigration laws typically are designed to provide U.S. companies with the tools necessary to compete and even thrive in the modern day global business environment. One such tool is the L1B nonimmigrant category, which ostensibly was created to allow multinational companies to transfer overseas employees with specialized knowledge and skills to [...]

Myths Surrounding Immigrants “Stealing Jobs” Still Prevail

With the announcement this past November of President Obama’s executive action on immigration, a long simmering debate has once again boiled over – do immigrants ‘steal’ jobs from American workers? While recent polls reveal that the majority of Americans favor some form of a “path to citizenship” for undocumented immigrants, they also suggest that Americans [...]

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