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Nonprofit Group in Ohio Seeks to Educate Employers About Hiring Immigrants

When it comes to hiring foreign national workers, many companies in the United States are still intimidated by what they perceive as a lengthy and complex hiring process. There simply are not enough qualified U.S. workers to fill all of the highly skilled positions modern businesses require, yet employers are often completely unfamiliar with the [...]

Promotion of Immigrants to Top Level Positions at Tech Companies is Long Overdue

When tech giant Google announced earlier this month that it would be creating its own parent company named Alphabet Inc., reactions around the world were instantaneous. While the surprise declaration of the corporation’s restructuring was lauded by some industry insiders as bold and innovative, others were skeptical, criticizing Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin [...]

ASHA for Women Helps Victims of Domestic Violence, with Support from MurthyNAYAK Foundation

When ASHA for Women was founded in 1989, there was a dearth of resources in the D.C. metro region for South Asian women enduring domestic violence. Language and cultural barriers too often became roadblocks for such women in the region, many of whom were immigrants with little understanding of the protections the government offered to [...]

Members of Murthy Staff Perform Exhilarating Flamenco Dances

Washington D.C. was treated to a sumptuous visual feast earlier this month when dance company Furia Flamenca performed a thrilling concert – and two Murthy Law Firm employees were among the performers! Paralegal Amy Weishampel and receptionist Morgan Heyer are principal members of the company and participated in the concert, which was held at The [...]

San Francisco’s Chinatown Undergoing Change, but not Without Controversy

For over 150 years, San Francisco’s Chinatown has been a haven for Chinese immigrants coming to the United States to seek a better life, as well as their American-born descendants who strive to stay connected to their Asian heritage. Founded in 1848, San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in North America, as well as [...]

Bollywood Influencing Western Entertainment and Culture

India’s Hindi language film industry, commonly known as “Bollywood,” has been producing lavish, romantically themed movies for almost a century. Within the last few decades, however, it has become a multi-billion dollar juggernaut, spilling far beyond India’s borders. It stands to reason, then, that Bollywood’s influence would eventually begin to have an impact on the [...]

New TV Show Explores Immigrant Experience Amidst Apocalyptic Setting

While zombies and the immigrant experience don’t immediately mesh in most people’s minds, a popular network TV show is about to combine the two in an exciting new way. Fear the Walking Dead, prequel to the popular AMC series The Walking Dead, is scheduled to debut next month and will explore the weeks leading up [...]

Former Peace Corps Volunteers Now Help Immigrants in Baltimore USCIS Field Office

When President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961, he hoped that the government-run volunteer program would “promote world peace and friendship” by sending young Americans abroad to provide service in other nations. Fifty-four years later, more than 220 thousand Peace Corps volunteers have contributed to the socioeconomic development of 140 [...]

Technology Leads Immigration System into the 21st Century

Technological advances continue to be among the defining factors of the modern era. The technology around us grows faster, more intuitive, and more capable of performing tasks that would have seemed impossible a generation ago. Technology is such an integral part of our world economy and culture that it permeates virtually every aspect of our [...]

Highlighting Contributions of Chinese Immigrants to Transcontinental Railroad

Between 1865 and 1869, a major milestone in U.S. history was achieved as the first transcontinental railroad (originally known as the “Pacific Railroad”) was constructed. Finally completed in May of 1869, the railroad revolutionized transportation in the United States by allowing passengers to travel coast to coast affordably and efficiently. Included among the workers who [...]

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